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Brinker History in Medina County

Brinker, Althen F.
Brinker, Carroll E.
Brinker, Clarence E.
Brinker, Clayton L.
Brinker, Clifford
Brinker, Clyde E.
Brinker, Curtis W.
Brinker, Darl R.
Brinker, Dorothy A.
Brinker, Edith M.
Brinker, Edna Helen
Brinker, Elva
Brinker, Emeline Lucy
Brinker, Ervin K.
Brinker, Fred
Brinker, Gladys S.
Brinker, Grace M.
Brinker, Harry
Brinker, Jane Elizabeth
Brinker, John
Brinker, John
Brinker, Leah Ann
Brinker, Lawrence J.
Brinker, Luella
Brinker, Maynard A.
Brinker, Mrs. Wm
Brinker, Orrin A.
Brinker, Rebecca
Brinker, Thomas W.
Brinker, William
Brinker, William Fred
Clouse, DeForest L.
Clouse, Orlo Ervin
Mihills, Moses A.
Miller, Dr. Seth
Norris, Donald
Norris, Edna H.
Norris, John
Stroup, Syble

The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 11 Oct 1894:
Chatham section, dated 1 Oct:

"Mrs. Wm. Brinker departed this life Sunday morning, aged 75 years. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Jones at the Congregational church Tuesday afternoon. An aged husband and five children and a large circle of friends are left to mourn their loss."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 22 Aug 1895; page 4:


Cause the Death of a Boy in the West Part of the County
"Clifford Brinker, a young man about fourteen years of age, and whose home was on the Lodi-West Salem road, near the Medina-Wayne county line, died on Tuesday of last week from the effects of a pistol ball, driven into his body on the Monday morning before. Young Brinker had gone out that morning to shoot a cat. He carried a single barreled revolver in his left pocket, and in drawing it from his pocket he tried to cock it, the muzzle pointing upward, when his finger slipped and the revolver went off, driving the ball into the body. A physician was at once called from West Salem, but he was unable to locate it, and suffering for two days, the boy died."

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The following is from The Medina County Gazette; Thurs., 30 Apr 1896:

"A very brilliant wedding was celebrated at the spacious home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Stroup when their only daughter Syble was united to Dr. Seth Miller. Eighty friends were assembled on the evening of April 23, to witness the ceremony which was performed by Rev. Gray. He was assisted by Rev. Snyder of Seville. Minnie Freeman and Fanny Betz received the guests and acted as ushers. The guest from abroad at the Stroup - Miller wedding were Leslie Stroup of Akron, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Daugherty of Wellington, Eli Snyder and daughter Adelaid Fern of Seville, Recorder Hart, wife and daughter Grace of Medina and Electa Miller of Norwalk."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 2 Jun 1898; page 1:



"Edith M. daughter of Curtis and Emaline[sic] Brinker was born at Chatham, Ohio November22, 1874. Died at Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 19, 1898, aged 23.

"Edith's life, with little exception was spent in Chatham, and it is here, in the midst of her home association that the loss sustained by her death is most keenly felt: it is in the family circle thus berefet[sic] of one whose bright and cheery disposition contributed much to make home hallowed and truly blest that her absence will be noticed most.

"It was especially her love for her home and her thoughtfulness for the comfort and pleasure of other members of the family that endeared her to those who knew her best.

"She received her education in the district and village schools. As a student she was apt punctual and faithful, and won the high-esteem and respect of her teachers and class-mates[sic]. In the spring of '94 she took up the work of teaching. As a teacher she was successful and enjoyed the implicit confidence of both pupil and parent, and the fondest memories of her excellent life will be cherished by those with whom she was thus associated. But her failing health compelled her to give up teaching.

"Thus it was that her hope and ambition were destined to fail, yet cheerfully and without a murmur, she laid down the work so nobly begun; For one in the morning of life to abandon fond hopes and well laid plans is no slight trial, but Edith had chosen 'that better part' and had found in Christ that peace of mind and that comfort which sustains even in the darkest hour and in the severest trial.

"She united with the Congregational church of Chatham in 1891 to which she was loyal until the summons came to join the 'Church Triumphant.'

"The last months of her life were spent in the far west whence she had gone with her father and mother whose loving hands tenderly ministered to her, till her spirit took its flight to Him who gave it.

"The news here of Edith's death though not wholly unexpected, cast a gloom over the whole community. The sorrowing father and mother arrived home on Tuesday evening, bringing with them all that remained of their beloved daughter. The home coming was sad in the extreme.

"The funeral, which was an unusually large one, was held at the Congregational Church on Thursday May 26; Rev. F. H. Richardson conducted the service. text: Jno. 14:1-3.

"The bearers were, Messers, Archer Buchanan, Louie Weldman, Chas. Clapp, Cliff Essig, Roy Allis, and Judd Hartman. Marching ahead of the casket, which was an elegant one, were six young ladies all dressed in white, who were chosen from among Edith's most intimate friends.

"The church was beautifully decorated the floral offerings being elaborate and varied. The services at the grave were also sad and impressive. The grave was lined with white and evergreens and flowers. And as we looked for the last time upon the flower strewn casket we felt assured that Edith was 'at rest.'


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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 8 Mar 1900:

"Again death has called from our midst one of Chatham's pioneers and a widely known and highly respected citizen. William Brinker was born in Westmoreland County, Penn., Aug. 16, 1816. He came to Ohio when he was 19 years old, walking most of way from his native state to Jeromesville, Ashland County. In 1839 he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Rice, of Spenser, O. To them eight children were born, five of whom are now living. After their marriage they lived in Ashland County until the year 1848, when he bought a farm in this township where subdued the forest and made a home. Here he lived for 52 years and in the early morning hour of March 2, 1900, his Heavenly Father called him to his reward. Early in life he identified himself with the Christian church, and since 1858 had been a member of the Congregational church, of Chatham. So closes the earthly life of a good kind father, one who loved his family and did all he could for their comfort and happiness. The funeral was held Sunday morning at the Congregational church, his pastor, Rev. Chas. Simpson officiating. Burial at the Chatham cemetery."

The following is from Ibid:

Way of Life

"BRINKER.-- At his home in Chatham, March 2, William Brinker, aged 83 years and 6 months. Funeral, March 4, at the Congregational church in Chatham."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 22 May 1914:


"May 19. -- Word came Sunday evening of the sudden death of Fred Brinker, who, with his two maiden sisters, Miss Leah and Miss Sylvia, lived about three miles southwest of Chatham. The two sisters had driven over to see their brother, Curtis Brinker, who has been in very poor health for some time. On their return about 6 oclock[sic] their brother Fred took the rig intending to put the horse in the pasture with the other horses. After some little time had elapsed, the sisters noticed the horse still hitched to the buggy and running around the barn yard. Thinking that strange, they went to the field where they found their brother lying on the ground but conscious. They immediately called neighbors and a doctor. Appearances pointed to the fact that as he unbuckled the lines, which were fastened together, one of the other horses came up and he probably drove it away, whereupon it whelled and kicked him below the chin, terribly mashing the bones in the lower part of the face and bursting a blood vessel which filled his lungs with blood, resulting in death within a few moments. These three, who had always lived on the old homestead, took great pleasure in each other's society, and the sisters were not often seen away from home without their brother. They seldom missed a morning service at the Congregational church, of which they were all members. Mr. Brinker was 62 years old last November. He was a good man and a kind neighbor, who will be greatly missed by a host of friends, but most by his devoted sisters, who have the sincere sympathy of the entire community. Funeral services will be held at the house Wednesday at 10 oclock[sic], sun time, and at the Congregational church at 11, with burial in Chatham cemetery."

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The following is from a newspaper clipping of Joyce Fox's [probably the Lodi newspaper]:


Drop of twenty-two feet from barn at Lodi is followed dy[sic] death

"Injuries received Tuesday of last week, when he fell 22 feet from a barn roof, proved fatal Sunday to John Brinker, of Lodi, formerly of West Salem. The body was buried here Tuesday.

"Mr. Brinker was working on a barn being constructed along the W. & L. E. tracks and fell to the ground, workmen say alighting feet foremost. It is thought in falling his head struck the building.

"He was carried to a nearby house and there attended to until evening when he was taken home.

"Not until Friday, when Dr. R. S. Hosler of West Salem, was called into the case, was the seriousness of Brinker's injuries realized.

"Dr. Hosler found upon close examination, that the injuries were very serious and threatened to produce meningitis, which because of long time elapsing between the accident and the time the condition was found, might prove fatal.

"All possible medical attention was given but the efforts proved futile.

"Dr. Hosler found upon his arrival injuries sustained to Mr. Brinker's head were such that the brain would undoubtedly be effected. Besides cuts and bruises a severe injury was found on the back of the neck.

"Brinker had been delirious at several times on one occasion having left his bed and tied handherchiefs around his ankles.

"The survivors beside the widow, are several small children. The Brinker family, before moving to Lydi[sic], lived on the M. Keyser farm, in the house which burned down last winter while it was their home."

The following is from the Medina Co. Gazette; 16 Apr 1915, page 6:


"John Brinker died at his home on Elyria street on Sunday morning, Apr. 11. His death was the result of a fall sustained nearly a week previous while working on a barn for A. Buffham. He was buried at West Salem, his former home on Tuesday."

The following is from same issue:

The Way of Life

"BRINKER. -- At his home in Lodi, on Apr. 11, John Brinker. Funeral at the house, Apr. 13; burial at West Salem."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 16 Feb 1917; page 8:


"After an extended illness, C.W. Brinker passed away Saturday about noon. The funeral will be held today (Tuesday). The widow, son and daughter have the sympathy of the community."

The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 2 Mar 1917; page 5:

Curtis W. Brinker

"Curtis William Brinker, fourth child of a family of seven children born to William and Mary Brinker, was born Sept. 17, 1848, in Chatham township, Medina county, Ohio, and passed away Feb. 10, 1917, aged 68 years, four months and 24 days.

"He was born in a log house on his father's farm, where he lived until he became 22 years of age, when he was united in marriage to Emeline L. Carter. To this union were born three children, the eldest being Etta L. Eddy, who was living with him at the time of his death; the second, Edith Brinker, who died May 19, 1899, and the youngest, his son Thomas W. Brinker, now living on a farm adjoining his father's.

"In the year 1865 he united with the Congregational church of Chatham, in which he remained a consistent member. In April, 1913, he was stricken with apoplexy; from this he gradually failed until about two weeks before his death, when he became suddenly worse, ending his days in a quiet and peaceful sleep.

"In the community in which he lived he will be remembered as an industrious man, a true husband, a kind and obliging neighbor, always ready to help in time of need. He leaves to mourn their loss his wife and children, two sisters, Leah Ann and Sylvia Brinker, and one brother, Orin. A kind husband, father, brother and neighbor will be missed."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 23 Mar 1917:


"After an illness of a few weeks, Miss Leah Ann Brinker died last Friday morning from a complication of diseases. The funeral was held from the house Sunday at 1 p.m., with burial in Chatham cemetery. Those who attended the funeral from a distance were: John Brinker of Warren, Mr. Hileman of Wellington, Will Brinker and two sons from north of Medina."

The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 30 Mar 1917:

Leah A. Brinker.

"Leah A. Brinker, third child of William and Mary Brinker, was born in Jeromesville, Ashland county, O., Sept. 10, 1843; died March 16, 1917. At the age of six, she, with her parents and brothers, moved to Chatham, in the same neighborhood where she grew up and spent the rest of her life. In 1865 she united with the Congregational church where she has always been a faithful member when health would permit."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 4 Apr 1919; page 8:


"Mrs. Curtis Brinker passed away Saturday evening about 9:30, at the home of her sister-in-law, Miss Sylvia Brinker, where she had been living for sometime. She had not been well for several weeks, and was stricken with apoplexy on Sunday evening, from which she never recovered. The funeral will be held Tuesday p.m. at the house, with burial at Chatham."

The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 18 Apr 1919; page 10:


"Emeline Lucy Brinker, was born in Chatham, O., Aug 13, 1852, and died March 29, 1919, ... [smeared] ... years and seven months. She was the only child of Thomas and Lucy Carter. Sept. 15, 1870, she was united in marriage to Curtis Brinker. To them were given three children, Tom Brinker, and Mrs. Etta Eddy, who were with their mother in her last sickness and assisted in caring for her; the youngest daughter, Edith dying some 21 years ago, in New Mexico, where she had been taken by her parents, in hopes that health might be recovered.

"In 1868 Mrs. Brinker united with the Congregational church of Chatham, and was ever loyal to her faith in Christ Jesus, her Savior. It was the custom of herself and family to attend church services and they largely contributed to its financial support. Although of a quiet nature and expression, yet her influence was strongly for the right.

"Her child hood days and her married life were each spent on the home farm, taking up the duties and cares of life as they were presented, in a peaceful, quiet manner. Many friends will miss her, and extend true sympathy to her immediate family, who will so deeply sorrow for her.

"Her last sickness was brief, and word of her death came as a shock. Only ten years ago her husband was called to the spirit land."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 11 Apr 1922; page 8:

The Way of Life
"BRINKER -- At Chatham, April 9, Thomas W. Brinker, aged 45 yrs. Funeral at the home of Mrs. Brinker's sister in Chatham April 10.

The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 21 Apr 1922:


"Thomas W. Brinker was born in Chatham, Ohio, June 17, 1877, died April 7, 1922, aged 44 years, 9 mos., 20 days. His last sickness was only of two days' duration, but suffering was intense. His boyhood and manhood days were spent in Chatham, and he always manifested a deep interest in the place and people. He was brought up on a farm, and chose that vocation for his life work. Being interested in new and advanced methods of agriculture, he took a course of study at Ohio State University, Columbus, and sought to put into practical use this acquired knowledge. He was married to Miss Edith Allis, May 3, 1905, and their married life was spent at their comfortable home one and one-half miles west of our village. Deep and sincere sympathy is felt for and extended to this bereaved wife in this time of her great sorrow and loss.

"One sister is left in this family, Mrs. Etta Eddy, of Chatham. Several years ago her only sister was called hence, then her father, later her mother, and now her only brother.

"When 15 years old Mr. Brinker united with the Congregational church of this place and was ever loyal to his covenant relations. He was regular in attendance at its services, generous in its finances, wise in counsel and ever deeply interested in its highest good. We have met with a great loss and feel that no other one could be taken from the church roll who would be missed any more. Positions of trust and confidence were given him in church work and in the Sunday school he was an efficient and competent superintendent acting in that capacity up to the time of his death and several years in the past.

"Church and community have sustained a great loss. He was public-spirited, having at heart the best welfare of the people."

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The following is from, Medina County Gazette; 30 Jan 1923; page 4:


"Orlo Ervin Clouse, son of Deforest and Mary Brinker Clouse, was born in Chatham township, Medina County, O., Sept. 16, 1900, and died Jan. 18, 1923, at the age of 22 years, four months and two days.

"Orlo was the elder of a family of two children, Raymond, his brother and his parents surviving him. The family has always lived in or near Lodi. About six and one-half years ago he moved with his parents to Lodi, where they have since lived. But this seems not to have been his abiding place. The temple of his spirit has had its misfortune. Since a child his health had not been its best. About nine weeks ago he took his bed according to the best advice of his physician and we little thought but that, his age being in his favor, with a chance for nature to repair. But his sickness took on more serious proportions and complications until his spirit found it necessary to leave. This untimely death, as it seems to us, is most disapointing to us all and we can only be reconciled to it by believing that there are ways that we cannot understand and that out of what we might think is defeat, there may come victory.

"Orlo graduated from the Lodi High school in the class of 1920, and attended one year at the Ohio State university. Since that time he has been engaged in the work of a barber in the shop of the Taylor Inn.

"He was baptized in infancy and united with the Methodist Episcopal church of Lodi, March 31, 1918.

"He leaves a large number of friends and relatives to sympathize with those of his family who survive him.

"Funeral services were held in the M. E. church, Sunday, Jan. 21, at 2 p.m., conducted by Rev. N. H. Flickinger. Interment in Woodlawn cemetery. -- Lodi Review."

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The following is from the, Medina County Gazette; dated 15 May 1923; page 7:


"It is with much sorrow that we chronicle the tragic passing away of a husband, father and friend, whose life has been so considerate and useful.

"Mose[sic] A. Mihills was born of Chatham, Medina County, O., on Sept. 29, 1846, and departed this life near Viewfield, South Dakota, April 6, 1923 aged 77 years, six months and eight days.

"At the age of three years he moved with his parents to a farm near Lodi, O., where he resided for 42 years.

"On Nov. 29, 1866, he was united in marriage to Elizabeth Rebecca Brinker. To this union three children were born, Ida May, Lyman Uriah and Ada June.

"In 1891 he moved west, locating on a farm near Norfolk, Nebraska, where he resided until 1908, when he again heard the call for the development of a new country and came to Meade County, where he homesteaded near Viewfield, South Dakota, which has been his home ever since.

"Mr. Mihills has always been a very active, energetic man, and although afflicted for years, nevertheless he was always found busy. It was while cleaning a garden spot and burning the debris that his clothing caught fire and he received the burns that caused his death. Relatives and friends did all possible to relieve his suffering, but to no avail and after two days of suffering the Great Reaper came and he fell asleep.

"The deceased leaves to mourn his loss his wife who has been a constant companion for more than half a century, one son, Lyman, of Viewfield, South Dakota, and one daughter Ada June Speece, of Sturgis, South Dakota. The other daughter, Ida May, preceded him in death 21 years ago. He also leaves 14 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

"The body was taken to the Congregational church at New Underwood where a large company of friends met to pay their last tribute to him who had labored so long and faithfully among them. The services were conducted by Rev. W. W. Goodrow, and the text was taken from St. Matthew, the 24th chapter and 44th verse: "Therefore be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh." The choir sang, "My Father Knows," Lead Kindly Light" and "God Shall Wipe All Tears Away," with Mrs. G. A. Bailey at the piano. H. G. Spear, Ike Kost, C. L. Oliver, J. M. Goodwin, Tom Ivory and W. C. Shoun, all close friends and neighbors of the deceased acted as pall bearers.

"After the services the body was borne to the Underwood cemetery and laid to rest "till that Morn of Morns" when "all that are in their graves shall come forth."

"--W. W. Goodrow, pastor."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 13 Jun 1924; page8:

The Way of Life
"BRINKER -- At Lodi on June 8, John Brinker, aged 72 years, 4 months 11 days. Funeral at the home, June 11."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 23 Jul 1926:

The Way of Life
"BRINKER -- At the home of the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Brinker, July 14th, aged four years, 14 days. Funeral at the home, July 17, 2 p.m., conducted by Rev. Carl Imhoff, burial at Reformed church cemetery; East Homer."

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The following is from, Wadsworth Banner Press; 18 Oct 1928:

"Mrs. Rebecca Brinker died Sunday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Keyser, at Clark's Corners, aged 80 years and 6 months. Funeral services were held at West Salem, Wednesday afternoon, with burial at Hazzard cemetery. Hilliard & Son were in charge."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 5 Jul 1938:

"One of the oldest residents of Medina county, Orrin A. Brinker, 92, died in his home in Spencer, Thursday, as a result of a heart attack. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon and burial was in the Chatham cemetery. He was a prominent farm[sic] in Chatham township before moving to Spencer about 10 years ago. He is survived by three sons, William of Akron, John of Warren, and Earl of Litchfield."

The following is from Ibid:

Way of Life

"BRINKER. -- At his home in Spencer, on Thursday, June 30. Orrin A. Brinker. Funeral services were held Saturday, July 2; burial at Chatham."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 4 Jul 1939:

"A fatal accident occurred in the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Norris, Thursday morning, when a gasoline stove that was being lighted exploded and burned their infant son, Donald, who died later in the day from the burns at Lodi hospital. The father was badly burned on the arm and hands. The parents, one sister and two brothers survive. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon."

The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 4 Jul 1939:

The Way of Life
"NORRIS -- At Lodi hospital, on Thursday, June 27, David Norris of Chatham, aged one year. Funeral at the Elliot chapel in Lodi, on Saturday at 3 p.m., burial at Crawford Corners."

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The following is from the Medina Co. Gazette, 11 May 1956; page 8:

Services Are Held Wednesday For Elva Brinker

"Services were held in the Matteson funeral home in West Salem, Wednesday afternoon, for Mrs. Elva Brinker. Burial was in Hazzard cemetery.

"Mrs. Brinker, who was 62 and a resident of West Salem, died Sunday afternoon following a three-day illness. Her husband died three three years ago.

"Among the survivors are five sons, Walter of Spencer, Frank of Cleveland, Clarence of Ashland, Ralph of Brunswick and Harold of Lodi, and three daughters, Mrs. Gertrude Gray of Congress, Mrs. Edna Norris of Medina and Mrs. Juanita Geft[sic] of Congress.

"Also four stepchildren, 31 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and three brothers."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 6 Jan 1959; page 1:

Year Ends On Note Of Death

Killed in Collision Early New Year's Eve

"For the second year ina row, a fatal accident was registered in Medina county on New Year's eve, writing an unhappy "Finis" to the county's ever-heavy traffic toll.

"Harry Brinker, 56, of West Salem, killed in a truck-car crash early Wednesday evening, became the county's 19th traffic victim of the year. In 1957, a total of 24 persons met death on highways within the county. ...

"AN ASHLAND county farmer, Brinker was on his way to Lodi to pick up his wife, Ada, at a doctor's office when his pickup truck went out of control on icy-surfaced Route 42. two miles south of Lodi.

"The light truck skidded into the path of a south-bound tractor-trailer rig driven by Clifford Pryer, 38, of Lexington. Brinker died instantly of head, leg, and body injuries.

"Pryer who was not held by patrolmen, escaped with minor leg abrasions."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 7 Mar 1963; page 4:

Brinker Rites on Saturday

"Ill four days, Clarence E. Brinker of Homer township died Wednesday at Lodi Community hospital at the age of 73.

"Mr. Brinker had been a resident of Homer for 43 years and for many years was custodian of the school at Homerville.

"Calling hours will be Friday afternoon and evening at the Elliott Funeral home in Lodi, where services will be held Saturday at 1 p.m.

"Rev. George K. Swartzfager will officiate and burial will be in Zion Lutheran cemetery in Homer.

"The deceased leaves his wife, Grace; two daughters, Mrs. M.G. Spellman and Mrs. Carl Owen, both of Homerville; a son, Carroll of Lodi; four grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; a brother, Fred of Spencer R.D.; a stepsister, Mrs. Silas Ashdown of Cleveland, and three stepbrothers, Blake Bowman of Medina, Dean Bowman of Congress and Carl Bowman of West Salem."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 24 Feb 1965; page 14:


"Althen[sic] F. Brinker, 66, of Lodi, died in Lodi Community Hospital yesterday after a long illness.

"Brinker, a lifetime resident of Medina County, is survived by his wife, Dorothy, two daughters, Mrs. Shirley Smith of Lodi, and Mrs. Phyllis Miller of Wellington; two brothers, Corwin and Clayton Brinker, both of Evansville, Ind.; three grandchildren.

"Funeral services will be held Friday at the Waite & Son Memorial Home in Medina at 1 p.m. The Rev. Clarence Bradbury of Lodi will conduct the services. Burial will be at Lodi Woodlawn Cemetery.

"Friends may call at the Waite & Son Memorial Home today and tomorrow from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 18 Apr 1967; page 3:


"Darl[sic] R. Brinker, 81, formerly of Wellington, suffered a fatal heart attack Monday in his home near Big Prairie, Ohio.

"Born in Chatham Township, he lived in Wellington 10 years before moving to Big Prairie two years ago. He was employed at the Sterling Foundry in Wellington.

"Mr. Brinker was a member of the Assembly of God Church in Medina.

"Survivors are his wife, Gladys; daughters, Mrs. Milford (Marie) Taylor, Mrs. Ronald (Maude) Vorhees of Spencer and Mrs. Leonard (Mary) DeLong of Galloway; and one son, Arthur of Wellington. Also surviving are eight grandchildren.

"Services will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday in Parker Funeral Home, Spencer, with Rev. N. B. Nethers of Medina officiating.

"Friends may call at the funeral home, Wednesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.

"Burial will be in Chatham Cemetery."

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The following is from, Medina County Gazette; 30 Dec 1968; page 3:


"DeForest L. Clouse of 750 Thayer Ave., Akron, formerly of Lodi, died Saturday evening at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron after an illness of one week. He was 88.

"Born in Ashland County, he lived most of his life in the Lodi area until moving to Akron 13 years ago.

"Mr. Clouse was a Watkins Co. sales representative for 20 years and worked at the carpenter trade for many years.

"He was a member of the Lodi Methodist Church and served on the board of trustees at the church. He was also a member of the Mound Lodge 845 IOOF in Lodi.

"He leaves his wife, Lena; a son, Raymond of Lodi; three step-sons, Earl Bishop of Akron, Robert Bishop of Wadsworth, Walter Bishop of Hopewell, Va.; one grandchild, three great-grandchildren; a sister, Mrs. Della Shank of Homerville; a brother, Edward of Ashland.

"Services will be held Tuesday at 1 p.m. at the Parker Funeral Home in Lodi, with Rev. Albert Wolstencroft officiating.

"Burial will be in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Lodi home where IOOF services will be held at 8 p.m."

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The following is from the Medina Co. Gazette; dated 1 Nov 1971:


"ASHLAND -- Word was received today of the death of Luella Brinker, 61, 1110 Wick Ave., Ashland. She died Saturday at the Samaritan Hospital.

"She was born in Chatham, Sept. 15, 1910 and is survived by four sons, Walter of West Salem; Harry of Brunswick, Elmer of Polk and Roy, of Savannah; three daughters, Mrs. Marcella Pryor, Jeromeville; Mrs. Shirley Lindsey and Mrs. Bernice Littleton, Ashland; a brother, Dallas Carter, Penfield, and a sister, Mrs. Violet Naylor, Wellington; 24 grandchildren.

"Funeral will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Heyl Funeral Home, Ashland with the Rev. George Sheets officiating.

"Burial will be in the Hazzard Cemetery, West Salem.

"Friends may call this evening from 7 to 9 p.m.

"The family requests that donations be made to the Heart Fund."

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The following obituary is from the Medina County Gazette, 18 Apr 1977:

William Fred Brinker

"William Fred Brinker, 89, of 11185 Spencer Mill Rd., Spencer Twp., died Sunday, April 17, 1977, at Lodi Community Hospital after a long illness.

"Born in Homer Twp., Mr. Brinker lived most of his life in the Spencer Twp. area. He retired in 1956 from the Spencer Manufacturing Co. and was formerly employed by Anderson Nursery and the garden center at the Farmer's Exchange in Medina.

"He was a member of the Zion Lutheran Church in Homer Twp., the Spencer Garden Club and Senior Citizen Club, and was co-founder of the Central Ohio Iris Society of Mansfield.

"He is survived by his wife, Freda; daughters, Mrs. Harriet Pitz of North Carolina and Mrs. Marilyn Dennison of Florida; sons, Ervin of Cleveland, Burton of Medina, Walter of Liverpool Twp., and Maynard of Cleveland; 24 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

"Friends may call at the parker Funeral Home in Spencer Twp. Tuesday from 2-9 p.m. Services will be at the funeral home Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. with the Rev. George Frederick and the Rev. Gerald Crawford, both of Spencer Twp., officiating. Burial will be in the Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery.

"The family suggests memorial contributions be made to the Kingwood Library in Mansfield."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 20 Apr 1977; page 2:

Grace M. Brinker

"Grace M. Brinker, 85, of 12096 Greenwich Rd., Homer Twp., died Tuesday, April 19, 1977, at The Good Sheperd Home in Ashland after a long illness.

"Mrs. Brinker was born in Homer Twp, and lived most of her life there. She was a member of the Zion Lutheran Church in Homer Twp.

"SHE IS survived by two daughters, Mrs. M.G. Spellman and Mrs. Mary L. Owen, both of Homer Twp.; a son, Carroll Brinker of Lodi; two sisters, Ouida Holshoe and Mrs. Eva Bramley, both of Akron; a brother, Robert Holshoe of Commercial Point, Ohio; five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

"Graveside services for the family will be held Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery with the Rev. George Frederick officiating.

"Arrangements are being handled by the Parker Funeral Home. There will be no calling hours."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 16 Jan 1978; page 2:

Clayton L. Brinker

"Clayton Leroy Brinker, 67, of Sunset Drive, Lodi, died Thursday, Jan. 12, 1978, at Lodi Community Hospital following a one-day illness.

"Mr. Brinker was a lifetime resident of Lodi and had retired from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

"He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Nancy Gott of Spencer and Mrs. Sandra Massie of Pennfield; six sisters, Mrs. Goldie Rickert[sic] of Ashland; Mrs. Gertrude Grey of Jeromesville, Mrs. Juanita Gift of New Pittsburgh, Mrs. Ethel Studer of West Salem, Mrs. Martha Wack of Olmsted Falls and Mrs. Edna Norris of Cleveland; five brothers, Franklin of Cleveland, Clarence of Ashland, Harold of Salem, Ralph of California and Walter of Ashland; two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

"Services will be held at the Parker Funeral Home in Lodi Tuesday at 8 p.m. Friends may call at the funeral home one hour before the service. Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, Lodi."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 21 Mar 1980; page 2:

Carroll E. Brinker

"Carroll E. Brinker, 49, of 221 N. Market St., Lodi, died Thursday, March 20, 1980, at Lodi Community Hospital.

"Mr. Brinker was a lifetime resident of Lodi-Homer Twp. area and a member of the Lodi United Methodist Church. He was a former employee of the Medina County and BancOhio banks for 31 years.

"Surviving are his wife, Ruth; children, David and Debbie of the residence; and sisters, Jessie Spellman of Homer Twp. and Mary L. Owen of Lodi.

"Services will be Saturday at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Victor Sharp officiating at the Lodi United Methodist Church.

"Friends may call at the Parker Funeral Home, Lodi, today from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.

"Burial will be at Woodlawn Cemetery."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; Wed., 24 Dec 1980; page 15:

John Norris and wife, wed 50 years

"John David and Edna Helen (Brinker) Norris, 6199 Richman Rd., Spencer, will observe their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 27. They were married Dec. 27, 1930, by the Rev. Stefani in the parsonage of the Evangelical Church in West Salem.

"Norris is a retiree of Permold Co., where he had worked for 40 years. Mrs. Norris worked for 10 years at the old Madison Pickle Plant. She was also a housekeeper for the late Dr. E.L. Crum and the late Rose M. Presznick of Lodi.

"The couple have seven children: Mrs. Edward (Thelma) Fischer, Spencer; Wesley Norris, Medina; Clarence Norris, Portsmouth; Mrs.S.C. (Joyce) Fox, Seville; Julia Norris, Lodi; and Roy Norris and Karl Norris of Illinois. They also have 24 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 28 Sep 1981:

Jane Brinker

"Jane Elizabeth Brinker, 59, 88 Plymouth St., Medina, died Saturday, Sept. 26, 1981, in Las Vegas, Nev.

"Born in Wadsworth and a lifetime resident of Medina County, she was a clerk in the county auditor's office for 18 years.

"Mrs. Brinker was a member of the Medina United Methodist Church and the Medina Moose Lodge. She was also an avid bowler.

"She is survived by her husband, Burton; sons, Burton John and Larry, Clovis, N.M.; daughters Sheryl Uthe, Mesa, Ariz., Carol Olsen, Colorado, Barbara Edinger, Medina, and Roxane Juliano, Rayham, Mass.; 11 grandchildren; brothers, Paul Malaney, Florida, and Don Malaney, Wilmington, N.C.; a sister, Ruth Beck, Wadsworth.

"Services will be Wednesday at 3 p.m. at the Waite and Son Memorial Home, 765 N. Court St., Medina, with the Rev. Robert Searles officiating.

"Visitation will be Tuesday from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 10 Feb 1982:

Maynard A. Brinker

"Maynard A. Brinker, 53, of 6300 Maplewood Road, Mayfield Heights, died Friday, Feb. 5, 1982 in his home after a six-month illness.

"Mr. Brinker was a hardware salesman.

"Survivors include his wife, Norma; two daughters, Diane Fehlner and Linda Ragesdale, both of North Royalton; three sons, Brian Brinker and Raymond Rankin, both of Cleveland, and Randall Rankin of Washington state; eight grandchildren; one sister, Harriet Pitz of North Carolina; and three brothers, Ervin of Cleveland, Walter of Valley City and Burton of Medina.

"Funeral arrangements are being handled by Fioritto Funeral Home, 5236 Mayfield Road, Lyndhurst."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 7 May 1982:

Dorothy A. Brinker

"Dorothy A. Brinker, 73, of 420 Cardinal Road, Russell, Ky., died Wednesday, May 5, 1982, at Our Lady of Bellefounte Hospital in Russell, Ky., after a long illness.

"Born in Leroy, she lived most of her life in the Lodi area. She moved to Kentucky one year ago. Mrs. Brinker was a retired switchboard operator at Lodi Community Hospital and was a member of the United Church of Christ Congregational of Lodi.

"Survivors include one daughter, Phyllis Miller of Russell, Ky.; four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren; two sisters, Clara Norris and Marjorie McGonnell, both of Lodi; and two brothers, Harold Unangst of Lodi and James Unangst of Georgia.

"Graveside services will be Saturday at 1 p.m. at Woodlawn Cemetery in Lodi.

"There will be no calling hours.

"Memorial contributions may be made to the Lodi Rescue Squad.

"Parker & Son Funeral Home, 210 Medina St., Lodi, is in charge of arrangements."

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The following obituary is from the Medina County Gazette, 13 Sep 1983; page 2:


"Ervin K. Brinker, 66, of Cleveland, died Saturday, Sept. 10, 1983, at St. John's Hospital.

"Born in Chatham, he was a Medina County resident most of his life. He was a tool and die maker.

"Mr. Brinker is survived by his wife, Freda; sons, Carmen of Seville; Warren of River Corners; Clayton of Gainesville, Fla.; daughters, Charlene Wuthrich of Sullivan; Beverly Bricker of Polk; Idell of Elyria; stepdaughter, Betty Townsend of Brunswick; sister, Harriett Pitz; brothers, Burton; Walter; 16 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

"Funeral: noon, today, Berry's Funeral Home, 7200 Detroit Ave., Cleveland. The Rev. Carlos Harris will officiate."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 21 Dec 1983:

Edna H. Norris

"Edna H. Norris, 69, of Chatham Township, died Sunday, Dec. 18, 1983, in Lodi Community Hospital.

"Born in West Salem, she lived in Lodi before moving to Chatham 27 years ago.

"Mrs. Norris is survived by her husband, John; three daughters, Thelma Fischer of Lodi, Joyce Fox of Seville and Julia Norris of Lodi; four sons, Roy of Michigan, Wesley of Chatham, Karl of Florida and Clarence of Portsmouth, Ohio; three sisters, Goldie Richert of Ashland, Ethel Studor of West Salem and Juanita Gift of Homerville; five brothers, Walt Walters of Ashland, Ralph Brinker of California, Clarence Brinker of Ashland, Frank Brinker of Rome, Ohio, and Harold Brinker of West Salem; 19 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren.

"Service: 11 a.m., Thursday, Parker and Son Funeral Home, 210 Medina St., Lodi. The Rev. Paul Staples of Creston will officiate.

"Burial: Chatham Cemetery.

"Visiting hours: 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today, funeral home."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 8 Nov 1986:

Gladys S. Brinker

"Gladys S. Brinker, 86, of Lorain, formerly of Wellington, died Friday, Nov. 7, 1986, at the Oak Hill Nursing home.

"Born in Bowling Green, she was a 20 year resident of the Spencer area prior to moving to Wellington.

"She was a homemaker and a member of Assembly of God Church, Medina.

"Mrs. Brinker is survived by her daughters, Marie Taylor of Spencer, Mary DeLong of West Jefferson, Ohio, and Maude Voorhees of Spencer; son, Arthur "Blackie" of Wellington; seven grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

"Service: 1 p.m. Monday, Parker & Son Funeral Home, 202 E. Main St., Spencer.

"Burial: Chatham Cemetery.

"Visiting hours: 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday, funeral home."

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The following is from the Medina County Gazette; 5 Jul 1988; page 2:

Clyde E. Brinker

"Clyde E. Brinker, 69, of West Salem, died Sunday, July 3, 1988, at Lodi Community Hospital.

"Born in Homer Township, he was a lifelong resident of the Homer Township and West Salem areas. He was retired from U-Brand in Ashland, where he worked for 35 years. He was a member of the Eagle Lodge of Ashland the U-Brand 20 plus.

"He is survived by his wife, Mae.

"Service: 2 p.m., Wednesday, Matteson Funeral Home, 40 Congress St., West Salem. The Rev. Burnell Green will officiate.

"Burial: Hazzard Cemetery, West Salem.

"Visiting hours: 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m., today, funeral home."

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